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  • Emergency tree surgery in Cork city

    County Tree Care cleared the Carrigrohane road for the city council on the night of the storm and a large beech tree on Inchaggagin lane tonight for the county council. But as well as this we are helping private dwellings get back to normality by managing all emergency work at residences all over cork during this crisis. 

  • Storm damage emergency tree surgeons

    Hurricane Ophelia did unbelievable damage. Trees down everywhere. More on the way so I hope everyone stays safe because trees can be unpredictable in this weather. They have tried to come up with a formula for predicting tree…

  • Tree Cutting Services, Tree Surgery, Tree Felling

    Recently we had to remove a large beech tree that was 170 years old. It was located on the grounds of a popular hotel. 20 years ago builders had been employed to do work close by to it and had dumped tonnes of rubble aroung the base of it. Last year we noticed a root decay fungus fruiting body of Meripilus giganteus around the base of the tree. After extensive surveying and a root dig…

  • Tree felling and pruning service. Tree care expert services

    Our tree experts at County Tree Care have been extremely busy. Repeat cutomers and new people alike. This is the time of year when the winds really test the trees to the limits. We are doing tree reports for some very concerned clients that just don't want to take any chances. Tree felling and the management of trees involves many areas. We have to prune, top and crown reduce in order to…