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 Storm damage emergency tree surgeons
on 28 Apr 2019 3:20 PM

Hurricane Ophelia did unbelievable damage. Trees down everywhere. More on the way so I hope everyone stays safe because trees can be unpredictable in this weather. They have tried to come up with a formula for predicting tree failure. Claus Mattheck and Helge Breloer in 1994 introduced an equation that simplified the way to predict the failure potential of hollow trees. However, judging by some of the trees that I have seen still standing after this storm nature seems to make it's own rules because there are many hollow trees and trees with cavities still standing unfazed by this hurricane. Nature will take it's own course it seems. 

We have just cleared a large beech tree from Inchaggagin lane off the Carrigrohane road tonight. Order is restored.