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Domestic Case Study

Typically when we have agreed a structured plan, a time-scale and schedule is agreed. We have carried out operations that have required months of planning and preparation. These jobs have to run to plan and with tree surgery work it is clear and precise from start to finish.

Everything is relaxed because we know exactly what we are doing and we love our job. We go to look at the work that has to be done and make a plan. The tree climber gets his ropes into the tree and we begin to do our job in an orderly and organised way.

When the job is finished the garden is spotless. We have special blowers that blow sawdust off the lawn or driveway and the site is left clean. We don't have any unhappy customers. We are not in any rush out the gate and payment is made when the client is satisfied with the work done, which is every time I am very happy to say (check testimonial section). The wood can be cut into logs for the fire or removed, we organise it all.

No job is too big no job is too small. We are contractors to big multi-national companies and regular loyal private customers that keep calling us back. We at County Tree Care believe in enjoying the work that you do and this in turn leads to high quality service for the client. This ethos has served us well and our business continues to grow during these times.

We look forward to your call and hope that we can be of service to you in the future.

George Earle, Dip Arb, TechArbA, Cert Hort