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In all gardens large or small you will encounter some form of pest, disease or disorder on your plants. They are unwelcome and need to be checked and controlled.

Disease Control

At the very least they spoil the plants appearance e.g. Tar Spot of Acer (Rhytisma acerinum) or Mahonia Rust caused by the fungus (Cumminsiella mirabilissima). Some that are left unchecked can develop and may dramatically reduce the plants' vigour and growth. Some may create wounds which are not very damaging in their own right but which allow entry of a more serious secondary pathogen which can then wreak havoc.

The key to healthy plants and a healthy garden is not only quick identification and treatment of these pests and diseases but knowing how to keep plants healthy, thereby preventing problems occurring in the first place. It is vital to identify correctly the pests, diseases and disorders themselves. If you are uncertain about what is attacking a plant it is impossible to tell whether or not it is something that you should be worried about.

Call us at County Tree Care and we will be more than happy to walk through your garden with you and help you put a plan in place. By looking at the garden as a whole and then identifying the specific problem, it allows you to stay one step ahead of pests, diseases and disorders in the garden.