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Tree management can refer to large mature trees or plantations for investments. With large mature trees the owner has a responsibility and 'duty of care' to make sure that their trees are not a danger to others. Trees that are near roadways or walkways or playgrounds or buildings or anywhere that there is a 'target' have to be checked yearly to make sure that there are no signs of imminent failure.

Tree Management

We can Survey your trees and report to you (see TREE REPORTS for more info). You can have it on paper for your records. We identify hazards and potential failure points. Sometimes disease manifests suddenly and we watch out for this. We can log your trees and identify the names and the structural dimensions for you. With the investment we can plant in large scale or small. We can oversee these plantations if required and thin out when needed.

We have the manpower and experience to cover all possibilities. With Tree Management you want a company you can call for advice and know how. There are usually points that the owner should go by and they would be: Developing a strategy, Knowing your responsibility, Dealing with the risk, Putting a plan in place for future design and planting, Managing the trees going forward.

Call County Tree Care on 021 4385618 and we will be delighted to meet with you and discuss your options.