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There are times when a tree might look fine but is not. These are the dangerous ones because they might fall when you don't expect. There are signs that we will see that you would not. Large trees have to be regularly observed to make sure that they are safe and secure. Any tree can fall whether it is healthy or not, but we can point out hazards to you.

Tree Surveys & Consultancy

Branches and Limbs, root issues and many more things that we would look for to form an educated judgement. Some biological problems manifest suddenly. A fungal bracket (mushroom like fruiting body) might appear suddenly on the outside of the stem but was destroying your tree inside for years. By the time you have the fungal bracket it is far too late and extremely dangerous but you might not even notice this, we would. There might be bio-mechanical signs and structural defects that would be obvious to us but you would never even know. Maybe you have trees that you just want to know more about, their names and general statistics.

We provide a Tree Survey and Report facility to clients that include private customers, Multi-national firms, Schools and Colleges, Large Building Firms, Developers, Civil and Structural Engineers, Solicitors, Local Authorities and Councils, Architects and Designers, Landscape Gardeners, Hospitals and many more. If it is just a 'walk through' verbal report that you need, then we are available to give you expert advice and to help you in any way that we can.

Our Tree Survey services can be used for the following activities:

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We are available to give you expert advice and to help you in any way that we can. Call us now on 021 4385618.