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There are two options when removing most stumps. The first option is to pull it out with a digger.

This involves hiring a digger and a driver. Removing a stump with a digger involves a lot of pulling and dragging at the stump to get it out. It might mean anchor roots pulling up patio slabs and or sections of lawn. The result is a hole in the ground that needs to be refilled. Then there is the loading of the stump onto the truck and the resulting mess all around. Finally you have to find a place to dump the tree stump because very few waste facility centres accept them now.

Stump Removal

The second option is to grind the stump out with a machine called a stump grinder. I know very imaginative, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. Our machine is a very tidy and a relatively light weight machine on tracks. It is high powered and very efficient. Also our machine is a brand new model and that means that you get a good service done in a short space of time which means that we can charge less than our competitors. It leaves no marks on your patio or lawn. We simply manoeuvre it in to place and short work is made of any stump that you might have. Afterwards, there is just wood pulp which is rich in nutrients and can be raked over the hole. This leaves a patch of ground ready to be planted on again.