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The planting of trees is very fulfilling as it completes the 'circle of life'. It's very important because we must do everything we can to preserve the environment around us and trees are such an important element of that. With experience working on large estates you soon realise that tree planting is considered practical and elementary.

Tree Planting

When close to nature you quickly see that trees grow, some get diseased, they die and then replanting occurs and they are replaced. No fuss just on with the job. We know how attached one can get to trees and it can be heartbreaking to see one go.

On the other hand it can be inspiring to see a tree begin a new life in your garden and flourish with care. We at County Tree Care understand the aesthetic value of trees and can offer a wide choice for planting, from native to ornamental species. We have the experience of planting and of maintaining them. Like anything beginning a life they have to be cared for and nurtured.

Speak to us for a wide variety of choice and for advice on what trees to plant on the site that you have in mind.